Writing is my way to explore. It is a way for me to understand new ideas and thoughts. As a writer, I admit that I do not know much which is why I like writing in the first place. Through my attempts to communicate with others, I start to understand myself and the things around me in completely new ways. In an English paper, I once wrote, “Reading a novel can deepen our understanding of the world, challenge our opinions, present new ideas, or simply give us something to appreciate.”  This has become my experience with writing as well. I hope that this portfolio will be a guide to my exploration of thoughts and ideas.

This site is intended to be a collection of my writings over the past few years. I want to show a variety of my work from more creative pieces to academic pieces to professional pieces. Throughout this site I have included links to my blogs, reflections of my writings, and even my full writing process. I encourage readers to start by reading each topic page in the menu at the top of this site before diving in deeper to explore my writings for yourself.